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Raising awareness for Mental Health

JP Bauer



          Marquette University 


I am a senior at Marquette University. I started this blog to raise awareness for mental health. When my brother took his life in 2015, I promised myself that I would bring light to the stigma surrounding mental health. I hope that all the readers find some sense of peace and comfort with these articles. 


Brendan Burkhart


               Michigan State University 


Alden Hodgdon


                   Marquette University 

I'm a graduating Senior at Marquette University and I helped kick start this blog to help support men who feel like they cannot open up or talk about their own mental health issues. I've struggled with my own mental health in the past and I've seen how suicide and other issues have affected my family and friends throughout my life. I want to help at least one person who stumbles onto our site understand that they are not alone.

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